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Product Detail   Size: 8.0 oz     Price: $69.00    
Epicuren Enzyme Conditioner

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2 oz$26.00
4 oz$43.00
8.0 oz$69.00

Epicuren Conditioner is a liquid skin invigorator. It is formulated with the Epicuren organ specific enzyme concentrate, protein, aloe vera, fruit and herbal extracts. This product is designed to prepare the skin for Epicuren treatments by mildly cleansing, breaking down the skin s surface tension, and invigorating the skin.

Directions: Skin should be clean and moist before applying the Epicuren Live Enzyme Conditioner. Using a 100% cotton ball, soak the Enzyme Conditioner onto the cotton ball and apply over entire face, eye, and neck areas. Wipe the skin very gently with the saturated cotton ball.

Size: 8.0 oz Quantity:
Price: $69.00

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