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Product Detail   Size: 8 oz     Price: $12.00    
Mastey HC+B5, Intensive Hair Mender

Mastey HC Formula + B5 Hair & Scalp Mender revitalizes damaged hair and mends split ends. This liquid replica of hair keratin protein, rich in intensive Vitamins and Amino acid, strenghtens, fortifies, and repairs damaged hair. Helps stimulate the scalp and boost cellular energy production. Invigorates thin and limp hair, and helps mend hair that's at a breaking point.

HC Formula + B5, unique formula neutralizes chemical residue left in the hair from coloring, perming and other chemical treatments. Helps alleviate scalp irritations and promotes more vibrancy, bounce and resiliency to hair. HC Formula + B5 is unduplicated in the world of professional chemistry.

Size: 8 oz Quantity:
Price: $12.00

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