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Product Detail   Size: 2.5 oz     Price: $38.00    
Epicuren Zinc Oxide Sunscreen,SPF 20

Zinc Oxide Sunscreen,SPF 20,Epicuren has chosen to use micronized zinc oxide as its active ingredient in its sunscreen, designed for sensitive areas, because zinc oxide has truly met the test of time. Most of us remember the white zinc oxide cream used by lifeguards around the world to prevent sun poisoning on their noses and lips. Zinc oxide ointments have been available for 75 years in the United States and longer in Europe as a soothing ointment for raw skin that has been overexposed to sun and/or wind. Zinc oxide has always been a superior protectord healer from ravages of UVR.

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Size: 2.5 oz Quantity:
Price: $38.00

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