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Ice Hair Care Products
Ice tools for your head. Design it and build it from scratch. Mix and match it any way you like. Go funky or stay sweet, the choice is yours. If it's in your head. Put in on your head. Go ahead, update an old design, enhance an existing style, or build someting entirely new! You choose. It's freedom of expression!

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Ice Products

Controller Gel  
Ice Controller Gel,full effect. A gel that commits. Naturally firm so your hair stays where you put it, all day.

8.5 oz   $13.00Quantity:
Ice Spiker, Water Resistant Styling Glue  
Ice Spiker, Water Resistant Styling Glue.
Spike it or style as you like. Provides fierce hold. Water resistant. Go ahead: defy gravity. Don't say we didn't warn you!. ICE cocktail of vitamins, catalysts and sea kelp help to protect and maintain style.

5.1 oz   $14.00Quantity:
Spiker Dis-Order - Styling Gel  
Spiker Dis-Order - Styling Gel - Control, within bounds. Adjustable hold, fast drying, elastic gelatin.

5.1 oz   $14.00Quantity:
  Hair Spray
Finisher, Aerosol Hair Spray  
Ice Finisher,medium impact, fine mist, medium hold, definitely not your mothers hair spray.

10.5 oz   $12.00Quantity:
Spiker Blast, Spray Adhesive  
Gives your hair killer lift and extreme hold. Go ahead, jack it up. Ice cocktail of vitamins, catalysts and sea kelp protects and maintains style.

10 oz   $12.00Quantity:
Spiker Half Blast Working Spray (Flexible Hold)  
Gives your hair texture and flexible hold.ICE cocktail of vitamins, catalysts and sea kelp protects and maintains style.

10 oz   $12.00Quantity:
Amplifier Mousse  
Ice Amplifier Mousse,speaks volume. Can you hear? Medium hold. Maximum volume. Natural feel.

8.8 oz   $14.00Quantity:
Eraser Shampoo  
Eraser Shampoo - You worked it in now you have to wash it out. Erase that styling stuff so you can start all over again.

8.45 oz   $10.00Quantity:

Define,add binding shine,control or create texture,tame flyaway.for best result use on dry hair,distribute evenly in palms of hand,apply to dry to slightly damp hair and style.

3.4 oz   $13.00Quantity:

Gripper Mega Spray Wax
Achieve volume, extreme texture, shine. Tousle, scrunch, shake or sculpt. Anything goes with this versatile spray wax. Use on dry hair.
5.1 oz   $13.00Quantity:
Molder Matte Texture Cream  
Ice Molder Matte Texture Cream,if you dare. Molds and holds with a textured matte look. Are your ready?

2.8 oz   $15.50Quantity:

Spiker Erratic - Molding Clay
Spiker Erratic - Molding Clay - Get your hair in motion. Tactile, movable texture without the usual gunk.

3.4 oz   $16.00Quantity:

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