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Epicuren CXC-Stabalize Vitamin C Cream

Epicuren Discovery's high potency CXc cream, which contains 15% concentrations of stabilize\zed ascorbyl glucosamine (natural vitamin C extract), is absorbed by the skin where it is efficiently converted by skin enzymes into L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C anti-oxidants). This valuable information regarding topical vitamin C was first introduced to the American Academy of Dermatology in 1995. It has been observed that over time vitamin C is photoprotective, stimulates collagen production and prevents UV immune-suppression. Epicuren's CXc anti-oxidant vitamin C cream will help to ward off both sun-induced and environmentally damaged skin by neutralizing free radicals. Research studies show that a topical vitamin C like Epicuren's CXc cream has useful properties. It is designed to go directly into the skin and provide pharmacological levels of protection. It becomes an inherent part of the skin, and is unaffected by bathing, exercise, clothing, or makeup. It is believed that it will be useful for treating sundamage and other inflammatory conditions, including acne, rosacea and erythema. It is safe to use on children.

Size: 0.5 oz Quantity:
Price: $39.00

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