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Ahava Skin Care Products
Ahava Skin Care Products is an internationally renowned skin care product line developed by Dead Sea Laboratories. Ahava products are based on the natural minerals of the Dead Sea, which have long been praised for it's healing effects upon the skin. This non-prescriptive product line includes a full complement of skin care product including body lotion, eye and neck cream, hand and foot cream and an eye make-up remover.

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For centuries only the elite could take advantage of the beauty and health treatments from the world's great natural spas, of which Israel's Dead Sea was the first in recorded history. The greatest luxury was the fabulous feeling of vitality that resulted from Dead Sea water, salts and unique rich pelloid muds. It was hailed as a miracle.

But the effect of minerals is not supernatural - it's ALL natural. Our skin cells are made up of some of the same mineral concentrations found in the Dead Sea. But as we grow older we begin to lose our supply. How can we get them back?

The best way is to feed them directly to your skin using AHAVA'S mineral rich face and body products. You don't have to travel far and wide for the spa experience. With AHAVA'S formulations, you can recreate the world's "first spa" right in your home!

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Ahava Products

  Bath and Shower
Shower Gel  
Ahava Shower Gel,rich in Dead Sea minerals helps to moisturize and leave your skin feeling silky soft.
8 oz.   $16.00Quantity:
Advanced Body Lotion  
AHAVA Body Lotion is formulated with both Dead Sea minerals and Dead Sea water. The lotion contains UV sunscreens (SPF4) in a delicate, quickly-absorbed, nourishing formula. Leaves your skin silky smooth. Great after sunbathing, shower, or bath.
8.5 oz.   $20.00Quantity:
Advanced Foot Cream  
Ahava Advanced Foot Cream,a wonderful healing cream rich in Camphor and tea tree oil to disinfect odor causing bacteria of the feet. Extremely soothing.
3.4 oz.   $16.00Quantity:
Advanced Hand Cream  
Ahava Advanced Hand Cream,has been praised by hands on people world wide. It soothes and protects without a trace of oiliness absorbing quickly to soften and protect.
3.4 oz   $17.00Quantity:
Dermud - Intensive Nourishing Body Cream  
Ahava Dermud - Intensive Nourishing Body Cream,Clinically proven to visibly heal rough and cracked skin. Delivers a long lasting hydrating effect. Leaves skin smooth, supple and healthy looking. Hypoallergenic.

6.8 oz   $30.00Quantity:

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