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Zerran Products

Zerran has the following types of products available for sale by
Conditioner, Shampoo, Styling, Treatment,

The Zerran Hair Care system is based on a simple philosophy: Hair needs care and we make products that care for your hair. The Zerran hair care system is designed to meet the needs of professional hair care in the salon and at home. Each product was formulated by senior scientists with many years of experience in the research and development of hair care products. Consequently, every product is scientifically designed to function, alone or in conjunction with other Zerran products. The result is a hair care system that rewards the user with beautiful, healthy hair.

Zerran - Conditioner
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
8 fl. oz.Equalizer Liquid Volume $14.00
32 oz.Equalizer Liquid Volume $44.00
16 oz.EQUALIZER $15.00
32 oz.EQUALIZER $25.00

Zerran - Shampoo
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
16 oz.BOTANUM Shampoo $10.00
32 oz.BOTANUM Shampoo $20.00
8 oz.CRITERIA $12.00
16 oz.ESPECIAL $10.00
8 oz.NEGATE $10.00
8 oz.REGIMEN Back Ordered by the Manufacturer$10.00
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Zerran - Styling
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
16 oz.GLACON Sculpturing Lotion $12.00
32 oz.GLACON Sculpturing Lotion $24.00
4 oz.RADIANT Finish $16.00
8 oz.RE N FORCE Medium Hold Shaping Sprae $10.00
8 oz.SPRAY SEC Rapid Dri Firm Sprae $10.00
8 oz.STYLING GEL $10.00
8oz.SUBTLE FORCE Volumizing Sprae Mousse $10.00

Zerran - Treatment
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
8 oz.MOISTURE PAK Moisture Balancing Treatment $10.00
16 oz.MOISTURE PAK Moisture Balancing Treatment $18.00
32 oz.MOISTURE PAK Moisture Balancing Treatment $31.50
8 oz.OMNI PAK Protein Hair Reconstructor $15.00
16 oz.OMNI PAK Protein Hair Reconstructor $25.00
32 oz.OMNI PAK Protein Hair Reconstructor $41.50

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