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Karin Herzog Products

Karin Herzog has the following types of products available for sale by
Anti Aging, Body, Body Scrub, Boosters, Cleanser, Eye, Firming, Mask, Moisturizer, Nail Care, Oxygen Creme, Scrub, Shave Cream,

Developed by Nobel Institute honoree, Dr. Paul Herzog, Karin Herzog medical grade skin care from Switzerland has distinguished itself as a worldwide leader in skin care treatment. Karin Herzog products are a unique, patented product line containing the proper balance of ingredients necessary to allow the skin to function and breathe normally. Karin Herzog's Emulsions keep the skin looking young, radiant and best of all healthy. The products are so pure, and quality standards so rigorous, that many of the Karin Herzog products require no preservatives.

The cornerstone of all Herzog Products is the patented Vita-A-Kombi emulsion with stabilized oxygen, distilled water, and Vitamins A and E. Dr. Herzog was the first chemist to stabilize hydrogen peroxide - one of nature's greatest disinfectants- in an emulsion form which breaks down into oxygen gas and water on contact with the skin. This process actually allows oxygen to pass directly into the skin with exceptional results. These emulsions are now being used to treat certain skin conditions (including skin ulcers) and have shown unparalleled results in helping maintain healthy skin - from the most sensitive to problems skin types.

Karin Herzog - Anti Aging
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
1.9 ozVita-A-Apricot $66.00

Karin Herzog - Body
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
5.18 oz.Oxygen Body Cream 1% With Fruit Acid $38.00
5.18 oz.Oxygen Body Cream, 3 % Oxygen Without Fragrance $38.00
5.18 oz..Silhouette Body Cream,4% Oxygen $38.00
5.1 ozTonus B12 $40.00

Karin Herzog - Body Scrub
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
5.18 ozShower Body Scrub $44.00

Karin Herzog - Boosters
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
0.49 ozFacial Oil $24.00

Karin Herzog - Cleanser
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
1.6 oz.Cleansing Cream $32.00
7.14 oz.Cleansing Milk $31.00

Karin Herzog - Eye
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
0.63 ozEye Cream 1/2 % Oxygen $48.00

Karin Herzog - Firming
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
1.94 ozVitamin H $50.00

Karin Herzog - Mask
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
1.76 oz.Essential Mask, formerly called Vita-A-Kombi Mask $38.00

Karin Herzog - Moisturizer
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
1.76 oz.Additional Day Cream $32.00
1.76 oz.Additional Rich Night Cream $30.00

Karin Herzog - Nail Care
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
0.2 ozNail Cream $27.00

Karin Herzog - Oxygen Creme
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
1.76 oz.Fruit Acids,1% Oxygen $40.00
1.76 oz.Oxygen Face Cream, 2% Oxygen $36.00
1.76 ozVita-A-Kombi 3, 3% Oxygen $58.00
1.94 ozVita-A-Kombi Fruit Acid,1% Oxygen $66.00
1.94 oz.Vita-Kombi 1 ,1% Oxygen $52.00
1.94 oz.Vita-Kombi 2 , 2% Oxygen $54.00

Karin Herzog - Scrub
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
2.0 oz.Mild Scrub $35.00

Karin Herzog - Shave Cream
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
1.8 ozAfter Shave Cream $40.00

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